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About Metior

Founded in the midst of the corona crisis, Metior is a consulting firm focused on measurement as a key driver for successful learning and education. As a specialized team with over 20 years of experience, we provide bespoke solutions for your problem(s) based on the latest scientific insights. We are passionate innovators with an applicable foundational research agenda that keeps us at the forefront of measurement for learning and delivers the state of the art solutions needed, now more than ever, to rise to the occasion and face the challenges of our time head-on.

Timo Bechger

Founder, CEO

Before founding Metior, Timo was a senior research scientist with Cito, and lead research scientist at ACTNext. Tried and tested in the testing and EdTech industry and an experienced international consultant, he keeps a continuing interest in research specializing in item response theory and test fairness. Timo co-founded the dexter project which aims to develop and disseminate open-source software for professional educational measurement and share the ideas behind it. Timo lives near Arnhem (the Netherlands) with his girlfriend. He has two (almost) grown-up children.

Gunter Maris

Founder, CSO

Before founding Metior, Gunter was a full professor of psychological methods at the University of Amsterdam, a principal research scientist with Cito and senior director of advanced psychometrics at ACTNext. Twenty years of experience, with one foot firmly in academic research and the other one just as firmly in industry, have prepared Gunter well for this endeavor. His research focuses on when and why learning does, or does not, happen, and when education does, or does not, work. Gunter has contributed to the founding of network psycho-metrics as an independent field of research, and to the advancement of online real-time rating systems for educational measurement. He lives close to Arnhem (the Netherlands) with his wife and two teenage daughters.